User Guide


EzDataMunch Social BI platform helps to visualize, discover, share, act, learn, search, and Train.

Features of EzDataMunch Social BI Platform:

  • The tool of Your Choice: Integrate Qlik, Tableau & Power BI Dashboards in one Unified Portal
  • Cloud or On-Premise: Secured Public and Private sharing of Dashboards
  • Never build from Scratch: Access to 200+ Pre-built Apps, Playbooks, KPIs, and Data Model
  • Data Cloud: Load data in our Cloud, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive,, Dropbox or
  • Subscription Model: Cloud or On-Premise Deployment, with Server or User based Model
  • Video-Sharing: Create Video Analysis of Insights and Share with Community
  • Viewer Analysis: Usage statistics about applications, views, users, messages, and comment on
  • Secure Link Sharing: Share secured link with any user in the community or external
  • Dynamic Views Menu: Organize your Views / Dashboards with dynamic menu creation
  • Live & Offline Chat Messages
  • Forums
  • Video Analysis
  • Posts & Comments
  • Announcements
  • Pinboard

This application automates the following process without any hassles:

  • Manage Partners
  • Manage Clients
  • Manage Users
  • Forgot Password
  • Define Groups
  • Define Bundles
  • Manage Applications
  • Manage Menus
  • My Videos
  • Manage Roles
  • Manage Announcement
  • Manage Forum
  • Pin Board
  • Chat

The following are the user roles in EzDataMunch Portal:

  • Super Admin
  • Partner Admin
  • Client Admin
  • End-User
    • Power User
    • Discover User
    • Support User
    • Casual User

This application offers the most powerful user-friendly environment and is designed with a single driving idea in mind – Make it easy, make it fast and make it highly useful to suit the customer’s requirements.