Ez Pivot

Pivot Grid is a feature-rich client-side component optimized for multi-dimensional data analysis and ships with a rich set of runtime customization options so your users can quickly summarize business trends via its cross-tabular display format

About Ez Pivot

Ez Pivot allows you to create a pivot table for multi-dimensional data analysis and enables quick summarization of large sets of data

Client-Side Data Processing

Pivot Grid comes with an optimized client-side data engine that can process up to 1,000,000 records directly inside the browser


OLAP Support

Pivot Grid supports OLAP services (MS SQL Server Analysis Services) and hence can easily analyze millions of data rows within it



With a built-in field selector and Excel-like filtering options, Pivot Grid allows end users to choose appropriate fields and analyze data relevant to their business needs

Data Sorting

Pivot Grid can sort both row and column values as needed



Data Visualization & Charting

With Pivot Grid you can create high-impact business decision support systems that meet and exceed the needs of your most demanding users


Data Export

Pivot Grid allows you to easily export its contents to an Excel file. The data type is maintained – numbers remain numbers, dates remain dates. It allows users to work with exported data inside Excel without any data changes

EzInsights Pivot Analytics Across your data

Ez Pivot Multi-Dimensional Data Analysis

Examples of chart visualizations available in Ez Ad-Hoc. Including multiple visualization types like table bar chart, row heat map, line chart, area chart etc

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