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Use Ez Search for easy analytics. Find insights, improve operations, and increase your return on investment with EzInsights AI.

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About Ez Search

Experience the powerful and self-serve analytics feature of Ez Search. Generate transformative insights, optimize processes, and enhance your ROI with EzInsights AI

Visualize Instantly

Don’t waste time creating charts. Ez Search presents the best way for you to visualize results and gives freedom to change it.


Smart data display

It can streamline business users’ work process, improve planning and forecast accuracy, and ensure better, more timely, more accurate business decisions

More Visualization Options

Use built-in data visualizations such as heat map charts and color scale legends to better visualize and compare data values in easy-to-digest, intuitive tables


Natural Language User Input

Use the new built-in assistant to build metric sets and explore data using natural language! Just input your questions in a search term and it does all the operations for you

Number formatting

It’s a good idea to use the proper number formats when you’re visualizing the data. Ez Search allows users to select number formats such as percentage (%), currency ($), and dates in ascending and descending


Filters in Ez Search generate powerful results by helping organizations present actionable and insightful data to business stakeholders and customers in the form of a dashboard or worksheet.

EzInsights AI Search

Let us show you how Ez Search can help your business. Explore the newest and easiest search feature of EzInsights AI and get an instant visualization on your search query.

Ez Search Charts Option and Visualization

Examples of chart visualizations available in Ez Search. Including multiple visualization types like table bar chart, row heat map, line chart, area chart etc

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