Features in EzInsights

Manage Partner

The Super Admin maintains the partner details.

Manage Client

The Super Admin maintains the client details.

Manage Groups

All the users have permission to create the Groups. The collection of applications is called Groups.

Manage Bundles

All the users have permission to create the bundles. The collection of groups is called Bundles.

Manage Roles

Super Admin, Partner, and Clients have access to create new Rules. This rule will be mapped to the End Users.

Manage Users

Super Admin, Partner, Client can create the End Users, the Roles must be assigned to Users. We have the facilities to Over Write the Application and Menus that are assigned to us.

Manage Applications

The main feature of the EzDataMunch portal is to manage the applications. The Applications are loaded according to the assigned groups and bundles

Manage Sheets/reports

Reports play a key role in providing statistical information. Reports help the user in good decision making.