Ask questions in natural language.

EzInsights natural language search lets you have a conversation with your data.

Create a New Application on your own

Instant Visualization of your Search

Share Your Visualization to Anyone

Select Your Chart from Chart Library

Powerful actionable insights for business team members.

Everyday EzInsights customers are finding new ways to empower their teams with their business data. They are gaining new experience with EzInsights and making their business a success.

View and Create Interactive Dashboards with Text Interpretation of Data.

EzInsights AI makes it easy for everyone to create dashboards and get answers to a question within seconds.

Speed up and scale enterprise-wide with governance and security.

EzInsights scales unlimited user license model to thousands of users who can analyze billions of records in milliseconds.

Intelligent Query Optimization

Speed up searches as data grows. Smart algorithms adapt to usage patterns, ensuring quick, relevant results and improving overall user satisfaction.

High Availability

Automatic backup in case of disk or server issues. Redundancy ensures your data stays safe and accessible even during failures.

Built to Scale

Effortlessly expand as your data grows. Automatic loading and balancing on servers ensure optimal performance for data and searches.

Identity & Authentication

Access with your enterprise credentials. Simplified authentication support ensures secure logins and streamlined user verification for enhanced protection.

Enhance Security

Enterprise grade row, column, and object-level security for users and groups. Even search suggestions are safe based on these rules.


User-friendly admin interface for effortless user and group additions, along with seamless integration of new data sources for efficient management.