EzDataMunch Partner Programs

Partnerships are an essential part of EzDataMunch’s current and future success. Our goal is to develop strong alliances with our partners to build long term relationships. We offer four distinct partnerships:

By becoming an EzDataMunch Partner, your company can leverage our technology and resources to provide your customers with cutting edge dashboard and performance management products to drive revenue and enhance your product/service offering.

The EzDataMunch Difference

To ensure a successful partnership, EzDataMunch offers a specialized program designed to address the crucial facets of a subscription-based product launch. Based on experience we know that it takes more than just software to foster a successful partnership. Through our proven approach our Partners are trained, equipped, and ready to go to market quickly.

Simple and Proven

EzDataMunch has set the benchmark for what is expected from an enterprise-class dashboard solution. Our dedication to innovation and development has continued to ensure that our platform provides users with a truly engaging experience. Lacking the complexity, expense, and time typically associated with the implementation of a business intelligence program, our users experience quick and immediate value in a matter of days or weeks.

Build Your Dashboard Solution on Our Platform

Due to the vast amount of data, the complexity of technology environments and resource constraints customers are demanding solutions from their vendors, not just tools. Provide your customers with the critical information, KPIs, and metrics necessary for informed decision-making through data visualization. EzDataMunch Partner Program allows our partners to use our existing Apps or create powerful, sophisticated, and secure dashboards based on live data within the EzDataMunch platform itself. Leverage our expertise and provide your customer base with a best-of-breed enterprise-class dashboard solution.